Impact of convalescent plasma therapy for treatment of Covid-19

Uzma Parveen, Salwa Mehrin, Mahvish Rana


Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is a leading cause of public health emergencies, particularly, has only few literatures have summarized its clinical and radiologic pattern, however the treatment strategies are confined, whilst it is   not just medical, economic and social but also has documented emphasis. Furthermore, the former Chinese guideline has highlighted that convalescent plasma (CP) therapy was a promising treatment for alarming Covid-19. CP is a pattern of passive immunization. Usually, CP was notoriously used to enhance the survival speed in a diverse outbreak such as SARS, MERS, influenza, Ebola virus disease, etc. It predominantly acts by neutralizing antibodies that  significantly bind to the specific antigens of SARS-CoV therein protecting the susceptibility of individuals, moreover, urgently needed to reduce the immediate health hazard  in this Covid-19 pandemic scenario. On the other hand, CP therapy is predominantly efficacious at the initial stage of disease ultimately confirmed by various research literature. This short review highlights on the use, historical context and its benefits in treatment of Covid-19.


Coronavirus, immunization, pandemic, emergencies, convalescent plasma

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